Research & Academic Mentorship Program (RAMP)

Research and Academic Mentorship Program (RAMP) provides comprehensive mentorship support for high school, undergraduate, and master’s students who wish to have research experience and academic consulting. The RAMP places individuals into one-on-one or group mentorship relationships based on experience, interest area, and career goals. After filling out the mentee form below, the RAMP matches each student with an individual mentor to provide personalized support. Moreover, RAMP organizes workshops and seminars on various scientific fields, navigating different aspects of academic careers, including conducting original research, finding internships, and preparing for graduate school applications. This program is open to all research-minded, motivated, and hardworking students interested in pursuing a research career in the Northeast region of the US. All high school, undergraduate, and master’s students are eligible to apply to this program. Learn more about how you can become a mentor/mentee or offer a workshop below.

Would you like to find a mentor to help you to do research or have academic consulting? Reach out to the RAMP Team today to be paired with an Academic Mentor!

Are you a professional, academic, or grad student interested in helping high school, college, and master’s students in their prospective research and academic journey? You can make a difference by becoming a RAMP mentor!

Reach out to the RAMP Team to be matched with a mentee!

Would you like to give a workshop to RAMP mentees? If you are interested, please reach out to the RAMP Team to organize a workshop!

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