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Predoctoral Mentorship Workshop

Premium Program by IAE: A Pathway to Research Excellence

Why Choose the Premium Program?

Are you an aspiring researcher, an early-career academic, or an established academic looking to refresh your career? Do you seek to conduct rigorous research in collaboration with like-minded professionals? The Premium Program offers a comprehensive solution to all your needs.

What Do We Offer?

Dual Mentorship

  • Research Mentorship: Under the guidance of a specialized research mentor, you will join a research team. This will give you the chance to gain research experience and potentially earn authorship.
  • Career Mentorship: Tailored to your unique needs and questions, our career mentoring will guide you through the nuances of building a successful academic career.
  • Monthly Meetings: Regular communication and 15 dedicated meetings for the research project ensure consistent progress and feedback.

Academic Resources

  • 15 Workshops: Exclusive access to a full academic year’s worth of IAE’s live or recorded workshops, designed to upskill you for the next stage of your academic career.
  • Mentoring: 8 sessions based on your interests, language skills, and career stage for more specialized guidance.
  • Research Opportunities: 15 focused sessions with a small research group, guided by a research mentor.


  • Receive three completion certificate: U.S. Academic Career Preparation, Academic Career Mentoring, and Research Apprenticeship.
  • Total Program Hours: 45 hours, which includes 30 hours from the Advanced Program and 15 hours of specialized research meetings. Additional research hours may also be available.

Who Should Apply?

  • Graduate students at all levels looking to engage in collaborative research.
  • Early career academics and established academics looking to renew and expand their research horizons.

Take the Leap into Research Excellence Today!

Whether you are starting your research journey or are an experienced academic, the Premium Program will give you the tools, resources, and mentorship you need to excel.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by—take the next big step in your academic career today.

For more information:

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